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BilBo Marketing

BilBo Marketing (short for billboard) is a Vernon BC company.

We provide an excellent compliment to your marketing strategy. Whether your advertising needs are digital or print, we can showcase you in both.

BilBo is known for niche but high traffic advertising locations, where our clients know they are getting captive audiences and customers who are ready to buy. They can say for certain their advertising dollars are well spent.



Capture Your Audience's Attention


Now serving the Okanagan

Drive thru advertising is an untapped marketing medium. The people viewing your ads are sitting in their cars, making them a captive audience able to instantly visit your website or call you for more information.

Whether by phone or online, they can follow up on the ads they view immediately as they certainly have the time. People are creatures of habit, and a drive thru is where they grab their morning coffee on the way to work every day.