Meet Our Peeps!

  What is your daily mission? Our daily mission is to further a reputation of delivering results to our clients by driving traffic to their door’s or website’s. We want to make our viewers excited to see what will be up on the screen every time they wait in the lineup, striving to make them laugh or informing them of relevant products and services in their communities. We endeavour to create reactions and a following. We want to be the best digital billboard company that has ever been.

John Laporte

Co-Founder & CEO John has had an almost 20 year career in sales, including advertising and technology sales for both large corporations and small businesses. As well, he has a diverse background in multiple industries. His sales philosophy is; “would you buy from you?”, and is always holding himself to those lofty standards. “Personally I’d like to afford the ability to give back; be a better friend, return the generosity I’ve been fortunate to get over the years, expand the business, establish a great reputation and make my mark in this world. This is fun for me. Most Importantly I want that feeling I’ve finally made it”

Micka Birch

Co-Founder & Vice President Micka Birch is co-founder and VP of Bilbo Marketing. Growing up in the Okanagan and building a healthy network has always been a crucial part of his life. As a young adult, he moved to Vancouver where he was mentored in business and marketing. Later he spent 6 years in the Canadian oil fields where he was able to combine the skills learned from his previous experiences. Family, friends, health, fitness, sports cars and boats are usually where he spends his time away from work.